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Dr. Corazon Panlilio Quiros

It has been a year when I took over the helm of this Society. My husband, a former president as well of the Society, dissuaded me from taking and accepting the post despite many who have asked and elected me to the post. Here I am, after presiding over many meetings of the Board, undertaking many activities of the society with help and assistance of many, notably that of our Executive Director, Mary Zamora, and extending my term for one more month till August to plan our Sapphire Anniversary and bring our 43rd Surgical CME to Las Vegas, to hand over the baton to an able surgeon, Dr. Romy Laygo.

The Society of Philippine Surgeons in America, with its proud past and its present state of prominence, is at a crossroads. Call it unknown, difficult or uncertain; but it behoves all of us to pull together to make certain that the SPSA future remains relevant and its need to exist created 45 years ago is sustained by those who remain loyal to its avowed mission. Persistence can only be a virtue if the aim of its efforts results in what is good for humanity. Despite the vicissitudes of the times, SPSA has persevered and persisted to stay alive and in front of what today is demanded of our members, our profession, our society, and the Philippines, our mother country.

At many award ceremonies that litter the entertainment industry year in and year out in this country, it is also axiomatic for any awardee to come up the stage and thank everyone who had something to do with the honors bestowed them. Please give me as well, the liberty of thanking everyone, Dr. Ben Zamora who has, indefatigably for many years after the Society’s founder relinquished the post after many years, been the CME chairman. He has put up a lineup of speakers for current and contemporaneous topics for ACCME –accredited credits. The incoming president will be hard-put to find his successor. To the Committee Chairs and the SPSA Board, former presidents of the Society and to those who come from far and wide to join our surgical missions, I tip my hat to all. To the Local Convention Committee in Las Vegas, the time, help and effort in making the Sapphire Anniversary festivities an unforgettable experience deserves this President’s gratitude.

I am certain that the coming year, with a dynamic and vibrant leadership that SPSA continues to have, the Society will continue its chosen path to success.


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From the President's Desk

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