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It has been called the “spice of life”. Each day is different from the previous day. Sometimes the change is subtle and imperceptible to others; at times it presents itself as obvious as the sun rising from the east. Changes that take place in nature we can’t control. We can’t switch the time the tide comes or the direction of the wind when it blows though we can change the direction of the sails as they say.

But there are changes that we can exercise some degree of control, where others can guide and show us possible outcomes. Witness the shuffle or reshuffle in the political and social fabric including our own personal life. While changes on the government from time to time does not come as a surprise to everyone and often viewed with some degree of suspicion, in the life of our organizational structure such as the Society of Philippine Surgeons in America, it comes as an assertion for the better.  There have been some activities and initiatives dropped and some adopted, all because of changes in the landscape. All are made to prolong the existence of a surgical organization on its 45th year that wants to stay relevant in this present day and age when some are folding because of membership attrition, financial woes and inability to adopt and change its mission.

It is true that we cannot isolate ourselves from what is changing and happening around us. The direction we need to take depends on what confronts us whether it be on the local, national or worldwide order. It depends on the circumstances, present or more importantly, the future.  It affects an organization like the SPSA when policies enunciated by an administration deals with matters like tax-reform and how it grants charitable organization IRS-tax exempt status. It is even affected by what occurs in a country like the Philippines where the Society conducts a yearly surgical mission despite some resistance from the government bureaucracies and some in organized medicine. The Society, despite the past and present attitude in the government, continues to be involved in searching for solutions that beset foreign medical and surgical missions to the country.

The Society of  Philippine Surgeons in America can not single-handedly minimize or eradicate 17 million of people world-wide dying yearly from infectious or surgical diseases. But its present and future leadership can continue to make a dent in this tragic phenomena and educate as it has consistently done since its inception, those fellows and members of its profession..

Editorial, reprinted July 2017 issue of The Philpppine Surgeon
by Edward E. Quiros, M.D., FACS., Editor-in-Chief

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The Philippine Surgeons

Know more about our Press Release Be part of our Mission..
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