Know more about our Press Release Be part of our Mission.. Know more about our Press Release Be part of our Mission..


"Finally, we've done it".
April - May 2010

The Hydrocephalus Foundation of the Philippines is up and running. All the necessary and required paper work has been done...a business permit from Q.C., SEC Registration, endorsement from the DSWD, and most importantly, registration with the BIR (IRS) for a non-taxable Foundation with a TIN. No. has been completed. A bank account has been opened and some donations are beginning to trickle in.

The Foundation office will be at: Room 304, West City Plaza, 66 West Ave., Quezon City, Philippines. tel No. 632 373 4084, 415 0008.. When calling, pls. ask for Riza or Melanie..We will continue to use: PO Box 2039, Terre Haute, IN. 47802, as our US mailing address.

During this most recent trip, eleven babies had shunting procedures done. Two had concurrent naso-frontal encephalocele that will require surgery in the near future. We also accomplished the ff:

  1. Found a venue to operate on these babies with adjusted hospital charges for indigent patients. Nine surgeries on this trip were done at the World Citi Medical Center in Quezon City and two at Ospital Ng Makati( upon request of Dra. Elenita Binay). Thanks to the CEO of WCMC, Ms. Arlyn Guico and Melissa Guico, of the Wellness Center, who were instrumental in having us aboard.
  2. Dr. Joseph E. Navarro, a neurosurgeon from Univ. of Sto. Tomas, has joined the Foundation and has provided invaluable services to Foundation. His father Dr. Joey Navarro, a well-known neurologist in the Philippines has also joined the Foundation
  3. Pediatric clearances and liason were provided by Dr. Maria Remedios Lipa, and Dr. Marieloise Afable and the pediatric residents at WCMC,and the Foundation is very grateful and appreciative of their involvement.
  4. The Foundation also acknowledges and appreciates the Anesthesia team.. composed of TAU MU fraternity brothers; Drs. Eric Padilla, Mike Madarang, Warren Caballa, and Dennis Aquino. Hopefully, we can continue to avail of their expertise in the future..
  5. We are very pleased to have the full cooperation of the medical Director of the WCMC, Dr. Tony Cruz, who is also a TAU MU brother.
  6. Kapwa Ko Mahal KO (GMA 7) continued to fund the pre-op workup, hospital and OR charges for all these patients. It is the Foundations aim that if and when we realize our goals and get fully funded,we will then assist in the financial aid to these indigent patients.
  7. I gave talks and presented the Foundation's vision and goals to many organizations and clubs and was very well received. I discussed the concept of "Adopt a Child" program to the Rotarians of Manila, whereby one club will shoulder all the expenses incurred for one patient from start to finish and hope that this will be replicated by all other clubs.
  8. It is the hope of the Foundation to be able to afford "honorariums" in the future for services rendered by involved physicians.

For any further, info, suggestions, comments or if you want to make a donation, pls. give us a call ..My cell.. 812 236 3724..or you can send me an email. Thank you and God Bless..... Manny

PS. Here;s a link of some photos taken on this year's mission.

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Know more about our Press Release Be part of our Mission.. Know more about our Press Release Be part of our Mission..
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